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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hello again...I am not sure how many of you ladies know about ELF on a shelf....well if you don't It is one of the best inventions to do with your kids at this time of year. My daughter did this in preschool a few years ago and loved it. So When I was at Kirklands a few weeks ago I found this elf and had to buy it.

It usually comes with a book and elf (which you can buy at Target for $30.00) I just bought the elf for $7.00....You tell your youngsters that there is an elf that watches to see if they are being naughty or nice through the month of December..some kids might get scared about that...just insure them that it looks and feels like a stuffed animal but at night she or he comes to life and goes back to the northpole to let santa know if he or she (your kid) has been good or bad. Then in the mornings returns in a different spot. This is the 1st year I started this at home and My daughter loves it already...she got to name the Elf which she named Jinglebells...I got her a girl elf. There were boys. You can get what you want.

Anyway...I asked my daughter to get her bath, brush her teeth and pick up toys yesterday and I never got a "NO".....She is 6 and very good but sometimes doesn't want to do what she is told...just like any child.

I hate lying about Santa and making up a pretend elf...but she really believes! When she is older I will tell her but for now I am enjoying the magic in her eyes and in her heart...I hope you all enjoy.

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  1. There's nothing as the innocence of a child. I have never done the elf but it sounds soooo much fun! Enjoy while they are little! Happy day!


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