Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to look at my creations...I love making memories that I can share with my family and friends....and especially my daughters. They are my inspirations for creating a lot of these layouts. I love taking everyday ordinary things and making them into beautiful altered art. My downfall is buying beautiful papers and not wanting to use them because they are too gorgeous. LOL. Please take the time to check out my crafts, follow my blog and maybe even scraplift them and make sure you let others know where you got the idea...Love to have new followers of my blog.

My crafty creations

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Have I told you lately that I love you / 3 challenges!

Hello everyone..sorry I have not been crafting lately , I have been really busy lately. But I finally got some time to myself tonight and thought I would make this in time for these 3 challenges. The 1st one is Frosted Designs....they want you to do a song lyric that is why I used this title...

The 2nd one is Pratical Scrappers...they wanted you to use 7 different things on your layout or card..I think I have done that..I will explain down below....

Also the 3rd challenge is for stuck on U sketches which they wanted you to use their sketch and this is what I came up with...

Layout recipe:

I used Teardrop for the title...have is cut @ 1", I is cut @ .3/4", told is cut @ 1 1/2", you is cut @ 1", lately is cut @ 1", that is cut @ .3/4", I is cut again @ 1"

George cart for the heart (bigger) cut @ 2", 1 1/2" and the little hearts are a ms punch.

I used 2 charms, the keyhole with heart and the (word)love (on smaller heart).

I used mulberry paper mini flowers and then added butterflies..that I found at Michaels,

K&company glitter stickers, and last but not least pattern paper and ms border punch.

I also inked everything with Tim Holtz teadye....hope you enjoy..I had fun making this one.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer fun / OCC and PS challenge/ 2nd post today!

Hello is another lo..this is the 2nd one for me today.Be sure to scroll down to see the other one. My hubby and dd are fishing and I thought I would do some layouts..this one is for the occ challenge.. beachy...(beach theme) . MY hubby , my dd, mom and myself are going to the beach this fall (october) and to disney ....I know this says summer fun, but it will be our summer vacation just in this is for then.

Update..I also entered this one for pratical scrappers...all the paper is over a year old, the ribbon is are my gel I hope this counts. check them out at also be linked in my title...

I hope you like..

layout recipe:

LT for the flags cut @ 1 3/4" (faux stitched) added bows and the word fun cut @ 1" with Jasmine cart.

DC (doodlecharms) for the sun cut @ 2 3/8" inked with orange, popsicle (yeh I know on a beach layout...why not) cut @ 1 7/8" which I used glossy accent for.

SYI for the word summer cut @ 2 3/8"

George for the silohuette cicle cut @ 7 1/4"

LAB for the waves cut @ 4" faux stitched and inked with blue, Surfboards cut @ 4" and then at 4 1/2", bucket cut @ 3" inked the sand, palmtrees cut @ 5" and inked with some black and then used white gel pen to finish them off. WALA another layout...if you are interested in the challenge just click on my title summer fun and it will link you right there.

Thanks for stopping...god bless all.


Hello ladies. This lo is of my dd just recently. She loves to catch fireflies so at night we went out and she kept catching them left and right....for about 3 hours straight...She would of kept going but I had to stop her for bedtime... Update...I am putting this in the PS challenge..they want you to use something from your stash that is over a year old...well. The vellum for the fireflies, the buttons, and the 3d paint are all over a year old. I think the paper is too....go check them out @ ..also click on title and it will link you there.

Layout recipe:

Teardrop for the title cut @ 1 3/8" used design studio to weld together.

George for the stars cut @ .3/4" and then used twinkles glitter writer pen on them to give it a twinkle.

DC (doodlecharms) for the jar cut @ 2 1/2", the stick cut @ 2" , (put inside the jar with vellum), also the fireflies cut @ 1 3/4" were cut from the dragonflies on this cart....also cut @ 1 1/2" twice , and then 1".....

I used buttons, inked (which you can't really see to well), vellum, glow n' the dark paint for the fireflies(lighting bugs) butts...I also faux stitched (which I love to do) and I think that is all...thanks for stopping. God bless everyone!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The great outdoors!

Hello everyone....I made another lo this week, and I wanted to share. This lo is of my dd. We went to Ohio is very beautiful there...she loves nature and so does my husband and I....I love this pic of her.

Layout Recipe:

I used GS for the title and then added tons of flowers from my stash...little roses too. some butterfly confetti, jems, and white flowers that I got from Michaels...hope you enjoy! Thanks for stopping by. God bless all...

oh , I also wanted to say that I had 103 followers yesterday and today I only have 102...hummmmmmmmmmm!!!! Oh well...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Received 2 blog awards!

Hello everyone! I received these 2 blog awards from one of my blogger friends..her name is Sharon @ check her out.

I am suppose to give this to 10 here random order...

1.) Nancy....@ ...she is so talented and makes the cutest cards.

2.)Margie.... ...she is so sweet and I just love her creations.

3.)Lidia.... makes the most beautiful layouts...very vintage.

4.)Bug Junkie.... ....she is so very talented too...she makes the cutest word books and cards that I've ever seen...

5.)Jeri... ...go check her out...I just love her cards!

6.)Sandy... makes some beautiful layouts..she always seems to use flowers and butterflies..but they are always beautiful. Such a sweet lady!

7.) Fern... ...I just love her vintage layouts.

8.) ....she is a very sweet lady...she makes some cute cards and right now she has a Eclispe card of bella and go check it out.

9.)Linda... does alot of stamping...and I just love the way she colors and embellishes them..

10.)Nanne... is so very talented too...she always amazes me on what she creates next..come take a look.

Thanks for stopping by...and thank you Sharon for the wonderful blog awards. God bless all!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hello ladies...sorry I have not been on here in a while. I should be back on here more in the coming months...but with summer it is none stop going!!! If you know what I mean...picnics, soccer, birthdays...etc.

This lo is of my dd and my sweet nephew...they are on the same soccer team this of course I had to get a pic with both of them...This lo was very simple. Trying to catch up on some other layouts.....I guess you never really catch up though!!!

Layout recipe:

George cart for the circle cut @ 8 1/4"

GS cart
for the play hard (title) cut @ 3 1/4"
The goal cut @ 4 1/4"

PSB cart for the tags....(behind the pics) added brads to them...cut @ 3" (twice) and then at 3 1/2"...did some faux stitching and added more brads to the title...and wala another lo down...more to go..thanks for stopping by to see what I've created...


Friday, July 9, 2010

Breaking dawn part 1!!!!!!!

November 18, 2011 is the confirmed release date for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, but the official release date for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 has yet to be set, according to MTV's latest discussion with Summit Entertainment's Richie Fay.

Hello everyone! I found this website and the release date for the Breaking dawn part 1 of the twilight saga...I know it is not anything with scrapbooking but I thought since Eclipse is out ...I would post this one!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Down on the farm!

Hello again! I have not made 2 page layouts in a it did take me a while to finish...also I really haven't had time til today.

I used alot of different things on this 2 pg lo..hopefully I don't forget anything.

Layout recipe:

EDPD (which I borrowed from my mom) Love this cart. Need to get my own!!!!!

The barn cut @ 6"
Farmer cut @ 4"
Pitchfork cut @ 3 1/2"
Picket fence cut @ 3"
Tractor cut @ 3 3/4"
Pig cut @ 2 1/4" and 3"
Rooster cut @ 2 3/4"
Tree cut @ 3 1/4" and 5 1/4"

PDDU cart

Rope cut @ 3 1/2"
barrels cut @ 3" and 3 3/4"
Axe cut @ 2"
Shovel cut @ 3 1/4"
Bull cut @ 2 3/4"
flour (feed , corn, and topsoil bags) cut @ 3, 3 1/2", and 4"
Cornstalks cut @ 4 1/2"

Pooh font cart

Down cut @ 1"
On cut @ 1 1/2" (marker shadow)
the cut @ 1 1/4"
FARM cut @ 1 1/4"

Pooh & friends cart

Grass cut @ 1" 3 times

used gems for eyes, inked corn, faux stitching on all the title, trees, barn, and tires....inked the corn , fence, and barn....used Houndstooth and swissdots cuttlebug folders for the barn...doodled and wala another layout down....100's to go!

Received my blog candy!

Hello everyone...sorry I have not been posting on your blogs...but I have been pretty busy with my dd's soccer, cleaning, cooking, laundry, going to the name it I probably did it....

I received my blog candy the other day..I am not sure how to use the yes paste...but I will figure it out...The bin that she sent was cracked..probably the way the Fedex throws things in their van...oh well..everything else made it thank you Debbie...Hope you had a wonderful trip. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


OHHHHHHH....I can't wait to see this again...I went last friday with my mom and sister and now I am going again with one of my friends...I can not wait til this comes out on video....I know It just came out...but hey!

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my excitement!

Monday, July 5, 2010

I received a blogger award!

Hello everyone..I received a blog award today from a dear friend named Barb..she is so sweet and talented. Go check her out at

Well there are rules to this blog award....I have to tell who gave me this award..which I have done. I also have to tell 7 things about myself , and then pass this on to 5 other friends who I think are fantastic...there are alot more than five but those are the here goes.

1.) I love to craft anytime of the day!

2.) I love to be with my family and matter what we are doing!

3.) I love taking walks in the woods with my dd and dh.

4.) I love to take hot showers, no matter if it is hot is so relaxing.

5.) I love the new twilight saga movies....oh still drooling from Eclipse.

6.) I love spending time in the pool with my 5 year old daughter....she has a blast and so do I.

7.) Last but not least.....I love my hubby, daughter, my 2 dogs and all of my family.

Now for the 5 people to send this too...



3.)bug junkie....



thanks for stopping by....and thanks to Barb for the award...God Bless all...I hope all you had a great 4th...


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