Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to look at my creations...I love making memories that I can share with my family and friends....and especially my daughters. They are my inspirations for creating a lot of these layouts. I love taking everyday ordinary things and making them into beautiful altered art. My downfall is buying beautiful papers and not wanting to use them because they are too gorgeous. LOL. Please take the time to check out my crafts, follow my blog and maybe even scraplift them and make sure you let others know where you got the idea...Love to have new followers of my blog.

My crafty creations

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vintage angel / christmas card!

Hi everyone on this cold Wednesday....Let me start by saying I am having a tough day, My car broke down, try to fix it in the rain...soak and wet, then called AAA since I could not get it to start..called my sister to take my daughter to preschool since she had to take her son any way...then sat there waiting for tow truck...about 30-40 mins later he finally arrives.STill soak and wet by the time he came...
..which this time it was not bad..I had alot more things I wanted to get down, but itsn't that always the way...that it never goes as planned..also we get a little extra $ and something always has to go wrong..oh well... anyway enough about I came home and finished my card that I made the other night, just haven't had time to post...

I used GS for the frames that I cut @ 5" then layered 2 times and used the inside cut....

I added ribbon thoughout it, added some flowers, corner punch and pearls...I also cut the corners of the green paper.

Inside reads: His presence moves across the earth, and touches hearts with love,
Then leaves the sweetest gift of all... the peace from up above.
May the wonderful peace of Christ Be yours, at Christmas and always!

I used this saying before...but I love it...hope you love it too. Thanks for stopping by and to all that inspires me!

Monday, September 28, 2009

popsicle toes/ donna's doodlecharm bags/ scraplifted

Hi Everyone on this Monday Night! I saw these cute bags by Donna - ...come check her out..she is so very talented.... she gave the cut file but you would have to go to her site and email her for it....I did change mine alittle...I used google eyes for the spider, and I used skittles for the pumpkin and kitty.....I also added chalk to the pumpkin and kitty for the cheeks and mouth...since they have to be kinda girly...not spooky at all ...huh...I love these!

My dd saw this and said if I make these, I have to make her a gray I used shiny silver for her....I made the spider for my nephew (he loves spiders and any creepy crawly...then I made the pumpkin which reminds me of my niece....I have to make 2 more....but thought I would share these with you...Thank you so much Donna for you cutfile and sharing this with me!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Peace from up above/ Christmas card!

Hi everyone! The weekend is almost over and time for the chaos to start so I thought while I have some time I should make a couple cards...This is only one of them I made I have to finish the other I will post that one tomorrow... I ordered graphically speaking, sweethearts and storybook...I received 2 of these yesterday and could not wait to try them this is a card I made with GS.

I used GS for the frame cut @ 4 1/2", and then also cut another one @ 5" and used the inside of cut for background...I added some pearls, inked, added a angel button and a vintage clipart that I got online....I also cut the corners off of the green paper and then cut corners from a shiny brown cardstock (got at Michaels) , then added them to give it a different look...all the cardstock is shiny...but you really can't tell..

Inside I cut another frame at 5" and layered, then added some pearls It reads " His presence moves across the earth, and touches hearts with love, Then leaves the sweetest gift of all...the peace from up above. May the wonderful peace of Christmas be yours, at Christmas and Always" ...hope you enjoy!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

If you want to know how much I Love you Count the Waves

Hi everyone on this Terrific Thursday! Let me start off by saying that I loved putting this one together.....I tried to make it beachy yet a rustic feel...hope you like!

I used different papers, some are DCWV Summer pack (I think from 2 years ago)...I also used Bazzill Basics paper (Guacamole) for the whole background...I used some scraps too, so not sure where they came here goes.

I used AE to cut the frame using the fit to page feature...I think it was 8 1/2"

I used the inner piece as the background..and then layered the frame on top with pop dots to make it more 3d. I also used siccors around the edges and then inked it.

The swirl was also cut with AE cart at 6" and inked.

I used LAB for the bamboo cut @ 5 3/4", the pelican cut @ 2 1/4", and the sun cut @ 2"...I inked them all except the pelican I added a pink eye too it.Layered it about 3 times.

I used George cart for the hearts (2) cut @ 2 1/4"..also inked. added some thread..(really can't remember what this is called but I call it thread)

I tore paper and inked everything...added some buttons, and a computer generated title then pop dotted it...added also some burlap to give it some texture....I think that is all...hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Made for Remembering/ Christmas card!

Here is another card I did today...I used WW for the frame in gold cut @ 3 1/2" , I used the tag feature and shift winter wonderland...then cb with swiss dots.

I then cut another tag at 3" (in green) and used swirls cb folder..

I used Jots for the santa cut @ 4 1/4"...added some ribbon, flowers, ms branch punch and jewel, some eyelets, corner punch and snowflake cb folder....

Inside reads " A wish for the kind of Christmas that's just made for Remembering!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I get alot of my verses online!

Shines brightest at Christmas!

Hi everyone! I made a very simple christmas card this morning...I have to make many so I am just trying to get some done....I used George to cut the diamond in the middle cut @ 3 1/4" and then cb with swissdots and the inside one I think is 3" cb with swirls...I then added a candle sticker...some patterned cardstock and wala...inside reads " Remembrance, like a candle, Shines brightest at Christmas. Best wishes for a bright and beautiful christmas season!

Thanks for looking...again comments welcome and so are followers.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Vintage Happy Birthday Bird card!

Hi everyone on this Terrific Tuesday! I finished the inside of this card so I thought I would post.

HI Everyone! I hope everyone is having a great Monday! Let me start by saying Thank you to Wanda my mil for inspiring me on this card....she made some beautiful vintage calendar pages which you can see on so I decided to make a card using her thank you again!

I made this card for my dh I hope all of you enjoy!

I don't remember the correct sizes...but I used psb for the tag (I think cut @ 3 1/4") and oval ( cut @ 2") , and jasmine for the corners I think those were cut at 4"...sorry did not write it down.

I also used a clipart of a bird which I got online....I added ms branch punch, some ribbon, a sticker for the saying " Each day is a gift. Every birthday, a treasure. Happy Birthday"

I used some premade borders (bought at Michaels) added some pearls. and a brad...I inked everything with a distressed ink by Holtz...(tea dye)...I also tore the paper.

Hope you like! This is fun so I might make some more...inside is going to be plain and just say Birthday Blessings to you!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Give Thanks!

HELLO! I was thinking what other holiday is coming up besides Halloween? guessed it Thanksgiving....and isn't this a day to give this is what I called this card...My mom always makes Thanksgiving dinner for all of us...there are usually 15 people that show up...This year there will only be about 12...we lost some loved ones last year and this year...but we still give thanks to the ones we I thought I would make this card for her , just to show her how much I love and care and thank her for all that she has done for us...anyway, getting back to the card....I designed the whole thing in ds and welded it together and then layered it.

I used PSB cart...roly poly + shift square cut @ 4 1/8" this is the patterned square.

I Used PDDU cart for the cornucopia cut @ 2 1/4" which I cut 3 times and cb with swiss give it a 3d look...

The fruit is also cut with this cart @ 2 1/4" and I used paper glaze to make them shiny...I also doodled on them which you can't tell from the pic..but I added little tiny seeds to the strawberry and colored the stems with gel pens on the apple, strawberry and cherry...

I also used this cart for the Ivy cut @ 2 1/4" (forgot it had that on there) cut 2 of them for up the side and the other across the bottom...used black gel pen to look like a border around the ivy.

I used Jasmine cart for the corners cut @ 4" and I also pop dotted the one on top...

I used DCT cart for the cornstalks cut @ 1 3/4" and then 2"

I used PSB for the brown square behind the frame cut @ 4 1/8"

I added some jewels, doodled, used birds & swirls cb folder , also swirls, and swissdot folders....Oh and the Give thanks is cut also with PSB but I forgot what size...Inside I will be putting a poem to thank her! Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone on this Terrific Thursday! I first wanted to ask if my follower gadget is working properly...because there are alot of you that come by and comment but don't follow....I do appreciate the comments but I was just checking!

Anyway, I had this card sitting here waiting for me to put it together but could not find my mojo...but I think I am back...Very simple card.

I used Noel/christmas cart for the lamppost cut @ 4", the wreath cut @ 1 1/4"

The oval is cut from JOTS @ 1" and doodled on and also wrote Happy Holidays!

The dog and little girl are a sugar nellie stamp...I bought this off of

I added some glitter glue and 3d paint and snow writer to the little girl, dog, wreath and lamp post to look like it is really snowing out...

I also used swissdots and snowflake cb folders...I used ms scallop punch (which I think I need a new one, not quite working right) and some red ribbon..hope you enjoy! About 55 more christmas cards to go! HeHeHe!

Hello Pumpkin!

Hi everyone! I had this card in mind for a while and I just had to make it tonight...I used design studio to make the pumpkin costume for the dog...

I made it with George welded together , the ovals were cut @ 2 1/8" shadowed then in orange...I cut out 5 of them and layered them together to make the pumpkin...I then just added a oval and cut a stem to look like the top of a pumpkin.

The dog was sent to me a while back by a lovely lady who used to be on the cricut board..named Lynn...not sure if she is still on the board..but thanks again.

I used AE for the frame cut @ 4 1/4" and then staggered the pieces, I also used this cart for the Accent 49 cut @ 1 1/4"

I used ms branch punch , some jewels (to give alittle bling) , ribbon, and I used pooh font for "Hello" cut at .34" and then I used gel pens to write pumpkin at the bottom of it says Hello Pumpkin!...I love how this one turned out so do be shy to tell me how you feel....Thanks for looking and all that inspire me!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hi everyone! Back in august my dh, dd, myself, my mil, my sil, niece, aunt,uncle, and some cousins went to Mingo park to catch crawfish "Crawdads"...sometimes we call them crawdads that is where I got the title....I designed this one in designstudio..

I used Pooh Font for the title cut @ 1 3/8"

LAB for the Bucket cut @ 2" and 2 7/8" ,which I cut twice and used inside piece for the water, I also used it for the sandles cut @ 2"

I used george for the squares and rectangle , squares cut @ 3 1/2" and rec. cut @ 4 1/4"

I also used pooh and friends for the net cut @ 4 1/4"

added some burlap for texture, some buttons and thread,tore paper to give it an old feeling, doodled, inked and added journaling to the bottom of layout...Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Noel/ mickey and friends christmas!

Hi everyone on this Tiring Tuesday! Well It is actually going into Wednesday, but anyway, I'm tired....I just finished this card...but I think it is worth it...I can't really say who this is for...I have been making some christmas cards which I started this one in ds a while back just got time to do it here goes...

I used M&F(Mickey and friends), Pooh font, and christmas/noel cartridges in the design studio....I used DCWV christmas cardstock which I think is a couple years old...I also made this card 5 X 12".....never made one that big...but I love it...

I cut Noel @ 2" using the Pooh font (wood)

I cut Goofy,Donald and pluto @ 2 3/8" using Mickey and friends cart..(love these characters) so cute...

I cut Minnie and the N @ 3 1/4" (I think)wanted to make it stand out...I added the drippy goo punch as snow...I also used the left over pieces and put them on the letters to look like it snowed on them...

I cut Minnie (inside) @ 3 1/2" using M&F , I cut the tree at 4 1/4" using Christmas/ NOel cart, I cut Presents @ 1 3/4" and 1 1/4" using the same cart....

I added MS branch punch to the front of card and some buttons...(like the stars, gumdrops, candycanes....

added some jewels inside to the tree and branches , and presents...

Inside reads

What do we love about Christmas;
Does our delight reside in things,
or are the feelings in our hearts
The real gift that Christmas brings.

It's seeing those we love,
and sending Christmas cards, too.
Appreciating people who bring us joy
Special people like you!!!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I think that is all so Thank you for stopping by and to all that inspire me!!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Seasons Greetings!

Hi everyone on this rainy Monday ....hope everyone had a great Labor day I decided to make some christmas cards since I have alot to I used winter woodland for all of this.....

I cut the horse card @ 5 1/4"

then cut a 5" horse and layered on top of the card to give it a 3d look...then added pearls to the saddle and to the harness...

Then I cut the inside layer (shift) + horse card in white cardstock...then I added martha stewart branch punch + silver pearls...very simple but I love this color combo...and love this cartridge (winter woodlands) enjoy you night!

Thanks to all that inspire me!

Warm Winter Wishes!

It was a rainy dreary day today and I was in the mood to make christmas cards....I have about 60 to I better get started, right? Anyways, the other day I bought the winter woodland cartridge...I just had to give it a try...I love it...absolutely love it...This is what I used to make the whole card....details below...

I used the snowman tag on the cartridge cut @ 5 1/4"

Then I cuttlebugged it with swiss dots and the snowflake folders...which I just love the embossed look.

I then cut another snowman at 4 1/4" and pop dotted on top of the give it a 3D look added some blue and black pearl stickers (got at Michaels) to the snowman for the eyes and buttons....

I cut the warm winter wishes @ 4 1/4" and shadowed in blue...

I then cut a 4 1/4 (shift) + warm winter wishes + 4" snowman for the inside of card and added pearls for eyes and buttons, then used a Merry christmas stamp....just love how this card turned out...I think that is it...TFL

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Halloween card!

HI everyone on this super saturday! I wanted to make another halloween card...I usually don't make halloween cards but this year I decided why not....I made this one for my nephew...Owen!

I used SYI for the tree cut @ 5" (which I cut in half to fit on card)

I also used SYI for the owls 1 cut at 1 1/2" and the other cut at 1/4" (he is sitting on the fence) used glow in the dark 3d paint for the eyes of the owls...

I used George cart for the circle cut @ 2" and cb with swirl folder.

I used M&F cart for the sign cut @ 2 1/2" which says Fright this way (right arrow)and trick or treats (left arrow)

I used MS fence border punch and EK success bat border punch for the small bats on the moon and around the tree...and on the sign post....

Inside I did really simple....just added patterned paper from the dcwv fall stack (last years I think) and then added a happy halloween stamp (which I got at Michaels for $1.00) and the bats again and fence border....hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This was a very simple lo to make....I used K&C company rubons (tree, bats, stars, and cat) I also used confetti spider webs, spiders, and drippy goo punch....added the happy halloween border from a dcwv fall stack, pop dotted everything....

I used george cart for the circle cut @ 3"

PDDU for the castle cut @ 4 1/4" and I used 3d glow in the dark paint for the windows..... and added a ghost (confetti) the middle of the doorway...doodled string by spider...comments are welcome!

Brewing up some Halloween Fun!

Hi to all who stop by...I was thinking that halloween is just right around the corner so I made this card for my dd, Lillian....she saw this card and wanted to know if it was for her...I told her I was not sure...but I know she will love it...anyway...

I used PDDU cart for the witch cut @ 3"

Culdron cut @ 3 1/4"

Potion bottles cut @ 2"

broom cut @ 3"

used drippy goo punch (which I love) , confetti spiders, spider webs (confetti), and 3d glow in the dark paint for the culdron (which made it to look like it is spewing out of the top),skittles (which I also added 3d glow in the dark paint too) so cool, potion bottles, broom and the wart on the witch's face...I doodled on her dress and hat...and inside I made a computer generated saying..."Brewing up some Halloween fun!".....thanks for taking the time to stop by and be sure to leave a comment!!!!!!


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